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Professional Services 

A solution built to fit you

In years past, companies were faced with “Well that’s how it works”. Today’s technology is growing at a pace where that is no longer the case, it’s almost impossible to keep up with everything. At AirOneSG, we are working everyday not only to stay ahead of the curve, but actually adding to it as needed. We will seek out and, in many cases, assist in the design and build of the right solution to fit each customer’s needs

Once again, every business situation is different. When you work with AirOneSG you’re working with a full-service solution provider. We are not locked into any one provider. By working with us, our focus is on what’s best for your company now and into the future. We have access to 100’s of the world’s best technology providers. In addition to creating a customized solution, we can then implement it and bring it all to life.

AirOneSG offers its clients a broad range of products and services
Communication Services
Cloud and Data Services

Communications, again whether its onsite premise based, in the cloud, or a combination of both is what keeps companies moving. AirOneSG has expertise working with these vendors going back to 1982. No matter how your employees need to stay in touch, we will make it happen can be there to make sure it happens.

For storage and data management you have the option of onsite, in the cloud, or a combination of both. Let AirOneSG assist you either way to securing the best in class service at the right price keeping expenses low while at the same time securing one of your most valuable assets, your data.

Government Compliance

AirOneSG, has two areas of expertise that in todays ‘world are both law and also support the safety and concerns of its citizens.

  • Enterprise 911 (E911) - Our AirOneAlert system will send immediate notification to all necessary personal in any business setting (Corporate, Hospitality, K – 12 School, College, Medical and Government) facilities. The system runs outside of the actual 911 call, so there is no chance of the initial 911 call being disrupted.

Information can be as simple as a notification or as sophisticated as a full-on alerting system with floor plans, safety location notification and pick-up, gunshot detection et cetera.


  • NextGen911- AirOneSG has been designing and building PSAP’s for the last 15 years partnering now Solacom to bring you the best in NG911 solutions at an affordable price point. We can take on any size center from the 2 seat all they way up to a multi -site County, State and/or Federal Solution.

Networking Services

Voice communications is important and so is it for your overall voice/data network, from internal infrastructure and systems, on campus and multi-site, all systems need to communication at a 5/9’s rate for business to be successful.  

Security Services

With people wanting to work on their own personal devices, it’s important that your security measures are as capable as the individuals who are trying to get past them.

Resiliency Services

When a situation arises, no matter the reason. Companies today need to have a plan to circumvent that disruption for today’s business climate.

System & Infrastructure Services

Which hardware is really the best? As a trusted advisor not tied to any one solution, we can tell you which system is right for each unique situation.

Professional Voice Recording

From a simple Auto Attendant, to a call center IVR application AirOneSG will handle your professional image so that your prompts at all levels, are consistent and professional.

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