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 Kari’s Law & the Ray Baum's Act

Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act begin taking effect in 2020. Kari’s Law requires that all MLTS systems allow users to dial 911 directly with no other digits being dialed and those calls being delivered directly to a authorized PSAP as defined by the FCC. Kari’s Law also requires on-site notification when a user dials 911 from an MLTS system.

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New Products and Solutions 
Enhanced E911 
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Solutions, Partners

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Who We Are

Company Background

AirOne Solutions Group LLC is a woman owned, small business entity incorporated in the State of New Jersey in April of 2017. AirOne Solutions brings together over 75 years of combined experience in Advanced Communications, both on-premise, as well as Cloud (UCaaS, CCaaS, SaaS, IoT). In the public safety front, we support and deliver E911, NG911 development and consultation services. 

Solution Delivery and Support

AirOne has evolved within the communications industry becoming a true Solutions Integrator in ways an organization such as yours requires. Our team has decades of experience with multiple manufacturers and disciplines deploying solutions.

Adcanced Communications Division

One of the nice things about being in communications, specifically the Call Center Arena, is its ability to learn all aspects of communications. When you utilize “Follow the Sun”, multi-site or even DR principles, you create a team of experienced professionals that have multiple disciplines in everything from Publix Safety (SLED) to the (SMB) Enterprise environment. At this point, it now becomes more of an understanding of each of the different verticals, and how and why a specific solution will fit them.

For Government, it is as much about regulatory concerns, as it is about budgets and working within specific contractual groups. When working with Commercial customers, their concerns are based on solutions that enhance their ability to improve quality services, customer retention and acquisitions.

Enhanced 911/Public Safety Division

One of our primary disciplines revolves around safety and security of employees and the public. These solutions, when deployed, work alongside an emergency call to assist in a faster more effective response. Our Team has representation on the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) workgroups as a Certified Emergency Number Professional (ENP) and on the National 911 Institute Board as the Southeastern Delegate in the US.


In addition to our enterprise 911, call handling and notification platforms, we also hold contracts with two of the three major 911 carriers for call routing services for the US. We support customer facing database management records for PS-ALI and Location Services.


As for active 911 call routing, including new Dynamic NG911 call routing services, we maintain a second contract for all 911 routing, SMS alerting, SIP trunking services and more. 

Our experience does not stop here. Our team since 2009, has also been involved with the design, recommendation, sale, and support of software and hardware for many county and local PSAP’s, here in the northeastl. AirOneSG has worked with many of the major manufactures both foreign and domestic to determine the correct solution to meet each client’s requirements.

Enhanced Security Division

In society today, safety and security in the workplace has taken on a new roll. With the advancements of the Cloud and AI, we can see and hear all that is going on 24x7x365 in our facilities, our towns and anywhere we need around the world within our private network and respond accordingly in real time. We carry some of the most advanced products and solutions to keep both your information and employees and/or the general public safe.


In today’s voice/data/infrastructure world, as everything has come together, so too have we. Our staff carries certifications in all thing's collaboration; voice, video, text, email, and the data infrastructure it rides on. Whether it is wired or wireless, premise or Cloud, you can count on our team to design, install, and service it throughout its entire life cycle.


Finally, consider us as your advocate with all manufacturers, creating the right solution, at the best price, decreasing your expenses, improving productivity, and increasing revenue.

oving productivity, and increasing revenue.


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Contact Us

AirOne Solutions Group, LLC
PO Box 403
Pine Grove, PA  08742

Tel:  732.766.2475


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